I light the path to your inner knowing
so you make choices to create the healthy
life you deserve, at any age.

Do you ever find yourself undernourished, eating in a hurry, or lost in direction with achieving energy, vibrancy, and feeling healthy?

Do you feel confused about all the different nutrition information out there?

I am here to help you remember yourself because you’re worthy of living with an abundance of great health. I show you how to bring real nourishment and self-nurturing into your life and give the guidance that was missing for me…

I remember eating foods that were hurting me, not believing in myself, and feeling ugly. I knew there had to be a better way. One day I woke up from the self sabotage trap, looked into the mirror, remembered who I really was, and what I came here to do as my authentic self. In that moment I knew what my life had to be about. I picked myself back up, dusted off, and began the amazing journey to bring nourishment, balance, and fulfillment into my life.

Now is your time! Make a choice to wake-up and step into a life that brings nourishment, balance, and fulfillment.

Feel empowered with the confidence to make decisions about your personal health journey. Discover how to develop natural innate intelligence and make the best decisions for the one who matters most, you.

I work best with people who…

  • are open and committed to change
  • are willing to believe in the possibility of a better life

I work with people in areas of digestive issues; allergies; immune function; blood sugar control; cardiovascular; energy; motivation; mental focus, sports performance, weight management, detoxification, and clean living.

My promises to you…

  • I am committed to getting you results above and beyond my services. Even though 99% do, if you don’t receive results you can count on me to refer you to resources where you will.
  • You can count on me to listen and care.
  • You can count on me to be transparent and trust that who I show up as is who I am.
  • I love to give extras. You can count on me to give my resources freely, whether a website, recipes, or exercises for mind body & spirit.

Some people will simply tell you what nutrients do and how much to take. I will share how it has impacted other people’s lives along with stories of healing so that you can be inspired on your own journey of nourishment & balance.

My intentions for you…

  • After each session you will go away with clear action items for your week so you stay on course.
  • You will experience improvement and relief.
  • You will feel a new sense of hope about the issues you came with and see a path towards a stronger, more balanced, and healthier life.
  • You will remember how to focus on what IS working for you so that you can keep doing it.
  • Develop a knowing to achieve the nourishing life you were meant to experience.
  • Receive empowering education to discover your personal health requirements.
  • Be confident to speak up when communicating your needs to other health practitioners.

Take on challenges with new energy and a positive outlook so you thrive! Yes, you do deserve to feel amazing!

Healthy Body Strategy Session

Be Real. Be You. Be Wellness.


Sarah Carlson, NE

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Nutrition has always been important in my life but I had let it slip for a bit of time before working with Sarah. I am happy to say that I am back on track after working with her and feeling better and more energized every day! I learned so much through her program and the education has embedded itself into my daily routines; it’s becoming my lifestyle.”

Andi H., Oakland, CA

"I have worked closely with Sarah for more than a couple of years and have found her intelligent, reliable, easy to work with and fun! I’d highly recommend her as a friend and/or business colleague with no reservations."

Len Saputo, MD